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Skip-the-Line Private Eagle's Nest Tour
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Start early in the morning and beat the crowds with this Private Skip-the-Line Eagle’s Nest Tour. Visit the Eagle's Nest, Berchtesgaden and the underground bunkers in just half a day. The trip from Salzburg is ideal if you don’t have much time but do want to see the historic sites. Begin your morning with panoramic views across the Alps from Hitler´s historic mountain retreat, known as the Eagle´s Nest. Descending from the Obersalzberg on the way to the town of Berchtesgaden you will also see where the underground bunker complexes below the mountain were located and the grounds where Adolf Hitler had his residence, the Berghof. After the visit to the grounds of the Berghof you will continue on to the beautiful Bavarian mountain town of Berchtesgaden located in the Kings Lake River valley. On the return drive back to Salzburg you will travel along Kings Lake creek back to your hotel or any other destination in Salzburg.

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